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Beautiful Ideas for Bathroom Sinks

Get 7 beautiful washbasin ideas

Bathroom sinks create the decorative tone for this intimate space. Tiles, shower designs, towels and mirrors revolve around this center. Here are 7 great ideas that can turn a regular bathroom into a statement:

1. The sinker
Essentially, ship sinks are three-dimensional stone bowls on a bathroom countertop. Ships reduce the design of the sink to an old presence. It's really something magical with a sink turned into a stone or glass bowl. This stone boat from Novatto is a perfect example of this beautiful trend in bathroom decor. Novatto's ship angle has a bronze waterfall tap with a unique rubbed finish.

Image source- http://www.wangluopr.com

2. Raw stone pour sink
Plates of hollow stone left raw make beautiful bathroom sinks, which, like ship design, create an old world feeling from rock. Hollow stone slabs leave an extraordinary impression. In this bathroom, each element echoes the industrial design of its raw stone bench. The effect is so complete that it takes a few seconds to orient yourself. Everything old is really new again in this bathroom.

Image Source – https://s3.amazonaws.com

3. A wooden chest
A key to beautiful design is to cultivate harmony between sharp differences between materials. A key to smart bathroom design is to maximize the space in what is normally the smallest room in a home. Thisclever design uses both design rules by combining a double sink with a fully functioning mahogany bureau.

Image source- http://ab.pbimgs.com/pbimgs

4. Ceramic vase
This sublime bathroom sink built into a Moroccan hotel room uses a free standing ceramic vase as the body for a sink. The ornate decoration around the vase adds to the beauty.

Image Source – https://www.rolinesystem.com

5. Soapstone Sinks
Another version of the rock bottom is the soapstone sink. Soapstone has elegant natural colors and patterns. It is also perfect for creating a surface that is even, if not softer, than porcelain.

Image Source – https://www.flickr.com

6. Abstract taste sink
This beautiful sink has two compelling features. First, it borrows heavily from the shape of sinkers, a bowl on a bench, but contains the presence of an abstract sculpture on a tight black pedestal. Secondly, the arc design has an elongated side that creates an asymmetry that enhances the appearance of a sculpture, but this elongated side also has a function. It acts as a towel rail and eliminates the need for a standard towel holder.

Image Source- http://cdn.freshome.com/

7. Corner Sink
This inventive corner compartment reduces the space required by a sink to almost nothing. The plumbing and base support goes through and stems from the wall instead of taking up the floor space underneath.

Image Source – http://media.bellacor.com.edgesuite.net/

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