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Modern Kitchen Design Tips and Tricks: What Makes Decor & # 39; Modern & # 39 ;?

The kitchen quickly becomes the heart of every home, and with many choosing the open kitchen / diner, it is the room that contains everything from lazy breakfasts to drunken dinner parties. With this in mind, careful planning of design and interior design is more important than ever. This post will focus on how to create a modern kitchen and what makes the interior modern.

Picture - www.anthonymullan.com
Picture – www.anthonymullan.com

The main concept for modern design is simplicity. Keeping the space simple, with clean lines and a neutral color palette are safe fire routes to keep a modern feel throughout the room. This can be done by choosing flat kitchen cabinets with hands-free solutions. The lack of hardware not only conveys the modern message of new technology, it also goes back to the concept of simplicity without interruptions and clean lines. If handless does not appeal to you, you can choose linear hardware, such as tubular features, which offer an elegant alternative. In this case, matching the handles to features such as the cranes can make the hardware a modern design feature rather than an interruption.

Keeping the space cluttered and airy can play an important role in creating the simplicity needed for modern furnishings. This can be done by using innovative space-saving technology, such as carousel corner cabinets and appliance cabinets on the countertop. Maximizing storage space allows less movement to remain on the counter, which in turn contributes to the modern design. The appliance cabinets take this a step further by creating a home for small appliances, such as toasters or kettles, so they can be hidden and visible without just a door.

Picture - www.anthonymullan.com
Picture – www.anthonymullan.com

Clutter-free refers not only to maintaining clear countertops, but also to keeping the & # 39; kitchen triangle & # 39; free from obstacles. The concept may be anything but modern, but the assumption is still appropriate to consider when creating a modern room. This idea is that there are three main workspaces in a kitchen, which make up the three points of the triangle, and the space between them should always be kept clear to reduce the amount of steps required to perform basic kitchen tasks. When the concept was created, the three main points were the sink, the oven and the fridge. I personally do not agree with designing a kitchen clean to minimize steps (although keeping all appliances in the same room is a real usability bonus), but keeping this space free of obstacles helps maintain the minimalist modern style of the room.

This airiness can also be created in smaller spaces by avoiding elements that make the space feel even smaller. Important examples of this are floor-to-ceiling cabinets and overheads, as they provide the effect of lowering the ceiling in smaller rooms. Because old-fashioned buildings are known for cozy, low-ceilinged spaces, the effect of these types of cabinets can reduce the spacious feel and thus affect the modern style of the kitchen. This will have less impact in larger kitchens, but can be completely avoided by using space-saving solutions on a kitchen island. For example, include a stove or sink on the island to create more storage space under workspaces, or build drawers and cabinets for the island.

Picture - www.anthonymullan.com
Picture – www.anthonymullan.com

So what does a modern kitchen do? Clean lines, minimal clutter and a spacious atmosphere. A little touch like using flat cabinets rather than built-ins can make a difference in the world, but in the end modern design can be interpreted in different ways. Many custom-made furniture manufacturers can create the feel and style you want as you work to maximize your storage and increase usability in the space.

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