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Designing a Dream Bedroom

People spend up to a third of their lives asleep, and the place where the magic happens is the bedroom. This is the main reason for paying close attention to your bedroom design. In order to get sleep and relaxing quality, the room must feel comfortable and soothing. The benefits of a well-designed bedroom extend far beyond its doors. A good night's sleep will keep you energized throughout the day and help you overcome all the challenges ahead of you. If you long for that energy boost, we will help you design a perfect dreamy bedroom.

Image - pixabay.com
Image – pixabay.com

Create a natural flow

Imagine getting up at night to go to the bathroom and stumble across your seating area. There is a reason that hotel rooms are designed to keep circulation on one side of the room. It's simple and it works. It gets a little more complicated if you have a bathroom attached to your bedroom or doors to the outside. In this case, organize the circulation so that the bathroom is reached through the sleeping area or from a separate hall.

A room with view

If you are trapped in a room without windows and natural light, you are more prone to stress and anxiety. A large window with nice views is also a fantastic decorative edition, as it can act as a focal point. Design your bedroom in a way that focuses on the window and make sure the window offers a nice view of the outside (eg your garden).

Image - pixabay.com
Image – pixabay.com

Make it private

A bedroom is a retreat, so it's only reasonable to make it private. Design it in a way so that your privacy will not be invaded even if you leave the door open. Separate your bedroom from the family room and other public spaces with a small foyer so that no one can see directly into it from any of these rooms.

A connection to the outdoors

If you live in a nice climate and if your bedroom is on the ground floor, you can turn it into a peaceful oasis that evokes the spirit of tropical countries. Add a set of French doors to make this connection and create an illusion of spaciousness. Another advantage of this design element is that your room receives more natural light than from a window alone.

Image - pixabay.com
Image – pixabay.com

Take into account furniture

You cannot design a perfect bedroom without regard to your furniture layout. The bed is of course the most important piece of furniture, and you should adapt its size and material to the overall atmosphere of the room. Be smart with bedroom storage, because you don't want to overfill it with bracelets, shelves and wardrobes. Invest in a bed frame with several spacious drawers to save some space and not interfere with your elegant design, the guys recommend BedWorks. As for the other pieces (bedside tables, chairs, desks, etc.), make sure you have enough space to access the bed from all three sides of the mattress.

When the sun is down

Of course, windows and French doors won't help you in the evening, so you should consider how to introduce artificial lightto your bedroom. The best option would be to avoid longer body luminaires and use shorter or recessed luminaires. If your bedroom has a sitting area, it will light up the room with soft shaded luminaires (eg floor lamps). Choose light with soft diffused shade and never install a fixture directly above your bed. More light sources with lower wattage will have better power than one with high watts.

Remember that when it comes to bedrooms, the most outstanding example of design is that which requires little effort, not too much stuff and low maintenance. You know when you reach that example – you want to spend your days daydreaming and nights getting some quality sleep in it.

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